Dubai Maritime Authority

Dubai Maritime Authority launches an integrated training programme on the process of filing services for Dubai’s maritime sector

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

The Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) at the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, the regulator of the shipping and maritime sector in Dubai, has launched an integrated training programme through the Dubai Trade Single Window Portal to introduce the Dubai maritime sector to the process of filing services. The programme is launched following the announcement of Directive No. 1 of 2023 on Transparency of Local Sea Container Charges in Dubai, which requires all Service Providers to declare their local Sea Container Charges with the DMA, via the secure Dubai Trade Single Window Portal, and was issued in response to the DMA’s stakeholder engagement programme. Service providers can choose the ideal time for them from a total of 17 one-hour sessions, which will feature films and infographics describing the filing procedure, as well as a hotline and email address dedicated to answering urgent queries. “The Dubai Maritime Authority strives to spearhead the development and advancement of the maritime sector across the Emirate of Dubai, strengthening the already central role it plays in the emirate’s economy,” asserted Adel Abdulwahed Kalantar, Director of the Maritime Business Development at DMA. “With that objective in mind, we are committed to establishing transparent communication with all stakeholders across the sector and introducing them to the procedures and obligations that are required of them. And this is precisely what this series of training sessions will allow us to do.” “The programme’s primary area of focus will be on the importance of working together to boost the Dubai maritime sector’s competitiveness regionally and internationally, by enhancing the transparency and efficiency of its operations, and aligning them with international best practice and the highest global standards,” Kalantar added. “Public-private partnerships are a powerful instrument Dubai has always used to drive its development, and they will only grow in importance moving forward, contributing even more to the emirate’s growing economy as Dubai continues to set grand ambitions.” The Dubai Maritime Authority is the government body tasked with regulating, coordinating, and overseeing all aspects of Dubai’s maritime sector. The Authority aims to build strategic partnerships with relevant government and private-sector stakeholders as part of its vision to create a safe and vibrant maritime industry and drive economic sustainability and growth in the emirate.