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CEDGR-149 - Impelementation of CED Requirements in Jadaf Apr-2023, File Size: 262 KB, File Type: PDF
CEDGR-145 Process for Aligning and Approving New Developments in Dubai Aug-2022, File Size: 2200 KB, File Type: PDF
Trakhees' Initiative for Advertisement Fee Reduction - CEDGR-109 Nov-2020, File Size: 1337 KB, File Type: PDF
Single Window Advertisement System for Emirate of Dubai - CEDGR-107 Oct-2020, File Size: 549 KB, File Type: PDF
Plot Demarcation  -  58996 Sep-2016, File Size: 82 KB, File Type: PDF
Required Project Documents - 13083 Apr-2015, File Size: 224 KB, File Type: PDF
Submission requirements for DCR and Master Plan Approval - 36088 Apr-2015, File Size: 53 KB, File Type: JPG