DW Travel

DW Travel launches its New Brand Identity in the World of Travel and Tourism

Thursday, December 22, 2022

DW Travel launched its new visual identity in the world of travel and tourism, which is the first of its kind for a leading government company in this sector that provides a series of services to elite customers in the government and private sectors, as well as to individuals. Badr Ahli, Director of DW Travel, said that the company, since its establishment in 2004, announces for the first time its new visual identity to provide a more distinguished experience for its customers, who have reached more than 100,000 customers to date, who have experienced unique travel and tourism experiences through company. He added: "We congratulate DW Travel for launching its new identity and logo”. Ahli pointed out that the new logo comes with a modern and distinctive design that reflects the new identity and the exceptional services provided by the company, represented in booking tickets, hotels, private planes, tourist trips, in addition to issuing visit and residence visas, and many other travel and tourism services. The DW Travel Director explained that the logo bears modern colors that keep pace with the permanent and rapid development in this sector, expresses the company's keeping pace with new global trends, and enhances the experience of customers with the services provided, and it will certainly contribute to attracting more strategic partnerships at the level of individuals and companies. Badr Ahli added: “We look forward to supporting the local national economy, enhancing global tourism, promoting tourist destinations and integrated entertainment services through the services provided by the company through a customer service team qualified to meet the requirements of our customers and provide integrated travel solutions, by calling 800398 or reaching through e-mail: He stressed that DW Travel company seeks to consolidate its position in the field of tourism at the regional level, especially with regard to various travel operations and procedures, stressing the company's keenness to provide the finest services and facilities that contribute to attracting customers from all over the world and meet their aspirations and interests according to the highest standards. Ahli explained that the logo comes in line with DW Travel's vision to enhance the company's goals and enhance its position on the global tourism map by highlighting the ingredients and capabilities that distinguish it with the exceptional and diverse tourism experiences it offers to various destinations around the world.