Dubai Maritime Authority

DMCA discusses Regulations and Requirements for Diving Scuba in Dubai

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

The Dubai Maritime City Authority of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation is keen to raise awareness about the guidelines and requirements for all types of maritime activities in Dubai, through periodic awareness workshops in cooperation with various partners in this sector. Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), stressed that the seafloor is no less important than its surface and beaches, as it is a fertile environment for the growth and reproduction of many organisms, so the Authority works to organize awareness workshops, arrange regular-based campaigns and broadcast messages that educate seagoers about the laws and regulations that must be followed during maritime activities. In this context, the DMCA, at its headquarters in Port Rashid, Dubai, held a workshop to discuss ways to develop and organize the scuba diving in the presence of representatives of diving centers in Dubai to discuss the various possibilities that would contribute to preserving the components of the marine sector and acknowledging their challenging, in order to enhance their contribution to the sustainability of this sector in the Emirate. Sheikh Dr.Saeed confirmed that the workshop came within the framework of the Authority's objectives aimed at enhancing awareness of the laws and regulations followed in the field of scuba diving, and to identify proposals by diving amateurs and professionals to develop and organize this activity in Dubai. Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed said that the workshop discussed several areas, including providing an overview of the laws and regulations for scuba diving, in addition to the instructions for the procedures and requirements for practicing this acitivity by the DMCA, in addition to reviewing the regulations for diving instructors and their requirements. The Executive Director of the DMCA added that a campaign was also organized to clean the sea floor of the Umm Suqeim sea in the Emirate of Dubai in cooperation with “P&O Marinas” and the Bermuda Diving Center, with the participation of 27 divers and volunteers, with the aim of promoting and protecting the marine environment, and coming up with recommendations to update effective policies that contribute to following of the highest standards of maritime safety, which is one of the main and pivotal directions of the Authority. Sheikh Dr. Saeed stated that the campaign succeeded in removing about 400 KG of waste from the seafloor, during an hour and a half, which is a great success that would benefit the maritime sector in the Emirate, as the initiative contributed to the removal of various waste, including waste related to fishing and picnics, which had a negative impact on the marine environment, and at the same time affected sea-goers, both fishermen and hikers. The Authority reassures its continuation of implementing such campaigns periodically, which consolidates its commitment to applying the principles of social responsibility, and its growing keenness to enhance levels of environmental awareness among various segments of society, contributing to create a clean and sustainable environment, and achieving an ideal life for the sea community. He expressed his appreciation for all the efforts and keenness of the strategic partners and all participating volunteers in preserving the marine environment and supporting the marine sector in the Emirate.