Dubai Maritime Authority

Saeed bin Ahmed: Bunkering Supply Operations hit Record by 30% in 2022

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority at the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, stated that Dubai is one of the leading players in the maritime sector, as it ranks among the most important global maritime destinations such as London, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong due to its ability to play a pivotal role in the expansion of the maritime transport sector in particular and the maritime industry in general. During of the Dubai Maritime City Authority's participation in the "Middle East Bunkering Convention 2023" conference, as part of its endeavors to enhance effective communication with regional and global maritime sector leaders, and to participate regularly in global maritime forums, in an effort to consolidate bridges for exchanging the most successful experiences and best practices in support of promoting a safe, competitive and sustainable maritime sector in Dubai. The Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority added that the Emirate of Dubai is a partner and a vital active center in maintaining the smooth flow of the global oil market through the main marine stations used to supply ships with fuel, due to its strategic geographical location, pointing to Dubai achieving record growth in the service of refueling vessels during in 2022, it reached about 1.1 million metric tons, with a growth rate of 30% compared to 2021, in light of the competitive climate enjoyed by the local maritime community in Dubai. Sheikh Saeed explained that the Maritime Authority is keen to organize, facilitate and provide all services to enhance and sustain the practice of maritime activities, to support the ambitious approach in consolidating Dubai's vanguard position as a first-class global maritime center, based on innovation, creativity and excellence, highlighting the most important competitive advantages that make Dubai is a strong competitor for the most prominent international centers, especially the strategic location, the solid economic system, the advanced infrastructure, legislative and legal, and others. The Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority continued: “We are committed in the Authority to building effective strategic partnerships with the pioneers of the maritime sector in the region and the world, in order to ensure that we continue to upgrade the infrastructure and legislation in the Emirate of Dubai in line with the strategy of the maritime sector in the Emirate of Dubai that focuses on strengthening the local maritime community, which places Dubai among the most important maritime capitals in the world. Sheikh Saeed appreciated the Authority's efforts to enhance the operations, regulations and services it provides for the benefit of ships and shipping lines in Dubai, to upgrade the components of this vital sector, modernize the infrastructure, operational processes and logistical services, and diversify investment opportunities that would enhance the competitive advantages of the Emirate of Dubai at the regional and global maritime level. He added that the Authority is working to create the appropriate investment environment to attract pioneers of marine industries from around the world and to strengthen partnership and cooperation relations with major local and international companies specialized by providing the needs of ships and marine means in Dubai waters. Sheikh Saeed explained that the authority provided full cooperation to implement the highest international standards and globally approved regulations as stipulated in the maritime sector strategy that was launched in 2012, stressing that Dubai's position as a leading global center located between Asia and Europe helps ensure the efficient flow of fuel products to the region. and beyond. For his part, Captain Ibrahim Ahmed Al Al-Blooshi, Director of Maritime Operations Department at the Dubai Maritime City Authority, spoke during a panel discussion entitled “Opportunities for the growth of new markets in light of time changes” at the conference about the growth of the fuel sector in the region, indicating that this annual conference is ideal for exploring opportunities and available mechanisms and the use of the required mechanisms in facing challenges, in an effort to promote trade and support the achievement of common goals. Al-Blooshi stressed that choosing Dubai to host the "Middle East Bunkering Convention 2023" reflects the high confidence that the international maritime community places in the emirate as a chosen destination and an influential force in shaping the future of the maritime sector. Al-Blooshi said that the Maritime Authority encourages the fuel industry sectors, the technology community and related sectors towards accelerating the digitization of the marine refueling sector in Dubai by improving electronic documentation processes within the sector, in addition to analyzing the latest trends and developments in the dynamic marine fuel market towards improving the sector's infrastructure in a manner More advanced and efficient, in compliance with international environmental laws and agreements.